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The Two Doors

Do you know exactly how much money it's going to take for you to be able to retire comfortably and to remain comfortably retired?

The day that you cross the threshold into retirement you are going to face two doors:

Door 1 says through this door, the money outlives the people. The things you want your retirement to be start through that door.  Through that door are the most important things in retirement, which gets more important every year, and those things are dignity and independence. 

These things are not material things, and I think that is an important point. And your ability to sustain dignity and independence is dependent on the money lasting.  Then you may want to participate with the education of your grandchildren, you may want to leave your kids a legacy... these things can also be possible behind door 1. 

Door number 2 says through this door the people outlive the money. This is what everything you do not want to happen lies, and it becomes more real every day. 

If there is one thing in the world that most reliably vectors you through 1 instead of  2, it’s a written, day/dollar - specific  retirement accumulation plan.     

Do you know your number?

Would you like us to sit with you and help you figure it out, understanding that there will be no cost to you and by doing that, no obligation?