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Behavioral Finance 

Alpharetta, GA  (March 23, 2017) –  Stephen Kilpatrick, BFA CFP®,  CEO of Kilpatrick Advisors in Alpharetta, GA has earned Behavioral Financial Advisor™ certification and the right to use the Behavioral Financial Advisor and BFA certification marks in accordance with Kaplan Academy certification and renewal requirements. Kilpatrick specializes in retirement planning and asset management.

The BFA™ certification is designed to develop and improve the moral and emotional competencies needed to make better financial planning decisions. Advisors who have earned BFA™ certification are equipped to identify and manage the role emotions play in financial decision making and better prepare their clients for the future.


 About Kilpatrick Advisors

Kilpatrick Advisors uses proven strategies to guide clients through financial independence and retirement.  Founded in 2002, Kilpatrick Advisors is a Premier Investment Management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a diversified client base, helping individuals, corporations and families to proactively address the key wealth issues that they face over the course of their lifetime.